The Only Money Quiz You’ll Ever Need: The Money Type Quiz

I am obsessed with Myers-Briggs personality types. Obsessed. From my best friends to my family and from my co-workers to Alex, I try to convince everyone in my life to take it. I find it fascinating because it can explain so much about how and why we connect (or fail to connect) with other people.

If you’re interested, you can take the test here. (Let me know what you get!)

I love connecting with people and understanding the way I connect with the world. In other words, I’m a total ENFP.

However, there has always been one category of understanding that was noticeably lacking from the Myers-Briggs test: money.

Because of that, I’ve been on the hunt for a money personality quiz (and even briefly tried to make my own, lol).

After many months of Googling to no avail, I finally discovered the BEST money personality type quiz of all time: The Money Type Quiz.

It’s in-depth, fascinating and FREE. (Which to be honest, was my number one requirement).

Unlike other quizzes I’ve stumbled upon, The Money Type Quiz is complex. It doesn’t label you as a “spender” or “saver.” Instead, it explains your overall money philosophy, provides tips for growth and gives you a list of your money strengths and weaknesses. *swoon*

So what I am?

The Producer.


Pleasure: Producers love to acquire, manage and accumulate money. (Yep)

Fear: Producers fear a major loss of money or losing control of money to someone else. (True)

Sabotage Pattern: Without meaning to, Producers may become compulsive savers and become overly conservative with money. (Unfortunately, this is true too.)

My “money type” was eerily spot on, but the best part was that it showed me my percentages for the other types as well.

I’m 72% Producer, but 60% Visionary as well. (See? I told you it was nice and complex.)



Unlike the Producer, the Visionary is more laid back and emotional about money…which sounds about right.

Pleasure: Visionaries love it when others recognize their worth and invest in their projects. (So true! Even when the “investment” isn’t financial.)

Fear: Visionaries fear dying with “all their books still inside them” or without “singing their song.” (Yep, and I’ve learned that this can lead to spending a lot of money on experiences.)

Sabotage Pattern: Without meaning to, Visionaries can take excessive risks, making them financially vulnerable. (Hmm, I’m not sure if I’ve ever experienced this, but I definitely feel the tug and pull of financial responsibility and the YOLO method.)

Here’s my full dashboard…

Money Type Dashboard

So in other words, I’m a total and complete FINANCIAL CONTRADICTION. I’m kidding…kind of. The truth is that I am a bit of a contradiction when it comes to money. Money is complicated and I think that we all have competing financial interests and beliefs.

And honestly, that’s okay. Each day, we take another step forward and try again to find balance with our money, and our lives.

If you take the quiz (DO IT!), let me know what you get!

What’s your Money Type? Do you believe in personality quizzes?

3 thoughts on “The Only Money Quiz You’ll Ever Need: The Money Type Quiz

  1. Penny @ She Picks Up Pennies says:

    I’m totally coming back to this later today! The problem I have with these quizzes is that I’m really good at getting the answer that fits me currently. That’s especially true with Myers-Briggs. Still, I think this would be a fun conversation to have with my husband, too!


  2. TJ says:

    93% producer, 52% nurturer, 29% independent, 20% epicure 20% visionary

    Also, my myers-briggs varies depending on when I take it, but I’m often an ISFJ.


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