Having a Bad Day? Read These Articles

It feels like life has been kicking my butt for the past few weeks. Overall, things are great: everyone I love is healthy and there haven’t been any major upsets. It’s just one of those times in life when things feel particularly hectic and stressful.

So in recognition of the funk I’m currently experiencing, I thought I would share a few articles from around the web that have been bringing me joy. Hopefully they will be able to brighten up your day a bit too.


1. A Mantra for 28 (Or Any Birthday, Really) by NZ Muse

A beautiful list of lessons learned and wisdom gained. It’s short article with a big impact.


2. An Anxious Day by From Frugal to Free

When you have dark moments, it’s nice to know that you’re not alone, and that is exactly what Kara provides in this heartfelt post.


3. The Woods, Mountains and Happiness Within by Our Next Life (and Cait Flanders!)

This beautifully written essay is about finding peace in the present…even if it isn’t perfect.


4. I Got Married! And I’m Still Debt-Free by Mixed Up Money

Nothing is more heartwarming than a wedding. The photos from Alyssa’s (cash wedding!) are magical.


5. Time by Budget and the Beach

Tonya’s video is about the most asset we have…time. Inspirational and uplifting, it provides the viewer with an instant dose of gratitude.



How have you been feeling lately? Any reading recommendations for bad days?

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