The Freedom From Money is about financial freedom and creating a life you love by taking control of your finances and killing mindless consumption. In case your curious, these are the guiding principles of both the site and my financial life:

  • Avoid Waste. 99% of humans are wasting insanely large sums of money. Don’t be one of them.
  • Only spend money on things that truly make you happy. If it doesn’t make you happy or make you a better person, don’t even bother opening your wallet.
  • Learn what happiness actually is…and what it isn’t.
  • AVOID ALL FINANCIAL EXTREMES. Never sacrifice important things like your relationships or self-care in order to get ahead financially. Instead, ignore societal norms and cut out pointless expenses. Never save money to the point of misery or spend to the point of excessive. Binging and purging is unhealthy in both eating and spending.
  • Debt is evil. Dispose of it immediately and never take out loans again.
  • You can do anything you set your mind to, even if it is not the norm or seems hard.
  • Saving money will make you happier than spending ever could. 
  • Life is short and fleeting. Financial freedom is about creating a life that allows you to focus on the things and people that truly matter. Never lose sight of those things (and people) as you work towards your goals.